08:37 AM | 2022-12-10

12:47 PM | 2022-11-05

My dog barks at the mail carrier. My mail carrier barks back.

14:08 PM | 2022-11-03

My sibling was obsessed with "green eggs and ham" when I was a kid. I probably heard that book every night for a year around the age of five.

I think the take-home message was supposed to be "try new things" but the message I internalized was "if you spend a whole book trying to pressure someone into something, eventually they'll come around, and they'll like it. It took me 20 years to unlearn that message.

11:20 AM | 2022-11-02

Could really do without rich people being described as having a "net worth of $$$". Rich people are worth one unit of person, just the same as everyone else.

21:29 PM | 2022-10-25

As far as I know, this is an idea I believe I have thought up all by myself. But it seems so obvious it must have been thought of before, probably lots of times:

Information spreads like fire. In some situations, you can't get it to catch. You have to slowly build it. In other circumstances, it takes off like a wildfire.

There are times when you need something to catch fire and it takes a lot of work, or work to make sure something does not catch fire. The spread of information is the same.

There are times when a wildfire is healthy and appropriate, and there are times when it is too much. The spread of information is the same.

19:14 PM | 2022-09-28

“If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.”

19:13 PM | 2022-09-23

how to do an elevator pitch

14:02 PM | 2022-09-19ōgyō

14:57 PM | 2022-09-04

found this somewhere online but it's gone now except in my clipboard. This is reflected in most homeless people being men, which I've always figured was because women are more likely to know someone with a couch:

“People don’t become homeless when they run out of money, at least not right away, They become homeless when they run out of relationships. And this means that the solution to homelessness necessarily involves a re-establishment of relationships and community.”

11:19 AM | 2022-09-03

I was just reading about how dollar stores make their money by selling smaller quantities at higher rates.

Like 15 feet of aluminum foil for $1 instead of 75 feet for $4. If for some reason I wanted to buy aluminum foil new, I probably wouldn't actually want very much. I have bought aluminum foil 0-1 times in my adult life.

So if I want to buy something new and it isn't food, I should consider the dollar store.

11:07 AM | 2022-09-01

DIY laundry ingredients and why to use them

20:36 PM | 2022-08-27

veblen goods

12:43 PM | 2022-08-21

bridge with bell

15:49 PM | 2022-08-17
  1. Spending money ethically is expensive.

  2. Paying high rates prices most people out of them.

  3. If I don't want to pay into the US military, I can't make very much money.

  4. Spending money ethically is unethical.

  5. Buying things cheap means externalizing costs.

  6. Buying things cheap is unethical.

  7. There is no ethical way to spend money in my society.

10:10 AM | 2022-08-15

In a just world, people who are from the Amazon rainforest would have access to the .amazon tld.

10:37 AM | 2022-08-10

"when someone out there says you can’t do something, it is because they can’t do it. But I did do it. And so can you."

10:03 AM | 2022-08-06

Abolish prisons.

13:41 PM | 2022-07-20

Someone really nailed it recently when they said:

"Distance and complexity are the enemies of action"

20:03 PM | 2022-07-16

When I was a kid, I would get upset because "it isn't FAIR" and then I grew up and moved out and could do whatever I wanted and now I'm hitting up against "it isn't fair for EVERYONE" and the answer I got as a kid may be true but it continues to not be an acceptable answer for me: "life isn't fair!"

Apparently the answer is to learn to sit with discomfort.

15:37 PM | 2022-07-13

I've had a few grey hairs here and there for the past 15-20 years. But I was just noticing that since the pandemic, my hair has gone from brown to brown-with-grey-highlights. I guess avoiding people has been hard on my physical body, too.

I find myself avoiding small talk with people because nobody keeps their 6+ feet. I will figure out how to address this, but I haven't yet.

The pandemic just sort of happened all at once, but learning how to be a part of this new world is going to be a many years-long process.

10:51 AM | 2022-07-13

Rolled into a campground. Told them they should have a hike/bike site. They told me nobody hikes/bikes to this campground because you have to spend a mile on highway to get here.

My conclusion: fix the bleepin' highway. Not that hard and not that pricey to throw up a concrete barrier and convert one car lane into a 2-way bike/ped route.

00:49 AM | 2022-07-05

California Right to Rest Act 2018

There's more but this is the meat of it:


(a) Discrimination based on housing status is prohibited;

(b) Every person shall have the following rights in public space without being subject to criminal

or civil penalties or harassment by law enforcement, public or private security personnel, or any

agents of any public-private partnership established under any municipal or county law:

(1) The right to rest in a non-obstructive manner;

(2) The right to shelter oneself from the elements in a non-obstructive manner;

(3) The right to eat, share, accept, or give food in any public space where food is not


(4) The right to occupy a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle, provided that the vehicle or

recreational vehicle is legally parked on public property or parked on private property with the

permission of the property owner; and,

(5) The right to a reasonable expectation privacy in one’s personal property.

21:19 PM | 2022-06-24

Hi I know the major fire of the day is the absence of Roe vs Wade but that's covered elsewhere on the internet. It is wrong. All wrong. But I am here today to share with you the tidy way a neighbor at my hiker/biker site described something all tidy.

It went something like "They talk about "the homeless problem" like the problem is that they have to see people experiencing homelessness." Rather than that someone's missing a safe and welcoming place to sleep tonight. Yes. Yes. That is it exactly.

07:18 AM | 2022-06-19

So for a long time the party line was (and still maybe is) that if you're gay or trans or whatever, you don't have any control over who you're attracted to or what you feel like your gender is.

But now, with more acceptance, it's starting to be ok to recognize that there's also a grey area.

Living outside and being homeless is the same way. There are absolutely people who are homeless and who would 100% benefit from free access to permanent housing with no strings attached. There is a tendency to talk only about people who want housing and can't afford it.

But that's not the only kind of homelessness/living outside. I've been meeting a lot of people over the last few months who are living outside by choice. For a variety of reasons. They just love the outdoors. They're allergic to something that is commonly found in houses. Etc.

Many would be otherwise considered middle class. They have a job. They're retired. They work a seasonal job. They busk. Everything has to be carefully orchestrated. Gotta be out of this hiker/biker campsite by 9am checkout [car camping at the same place has a noon checkout], want to still be welcome here next time I come through. Did you know there's this campground, if you have an RV, that will let you stay at any of their campgrounds for 2 weeks in, 1 week out? Did you know you contact the firehouse between here and here if you're just bike touring through and they'll let you stay for a night if you're out by 7am? Etc.

They're not being harassed by various enforcement people by choice. They aren't forced to move on after hitting up on campground maximum stay limits by choice. They don't have extremely limited options for where to stay in the first place by choice. Some of them may not have started to be living outside by choice. But they are outside by choice.

And we should make room for that. In tandem, of course, with housing-first options for people who need them (and that's a lot of people). But it's not a one-size-fits-all.

19:21 PM | 2022-06-08

Abolish slavery.

07:52 AM | 2022-05-25

I would like a smallpox vaccine and a dengue vaccine, but I don't think either are standard-issue in the US at this time.

22:03 PM | 2022-05-18

I'd really like to start seeing a heads-up any time someone is writing about experimenting on animals that were grown/kept in what I would consider inhumane circumstances.

I'm sure I have experienced the benefit of testing on animals many times over. But that doesn't mean I feel ok about it.

I'll get 2/3 of the way through an interesting article, and then they'll bring out the ole "and there's this animal experiment in which ..." and really it would be nice if they could have told me that beFORE I got invested in the article and was 2/3 of the way through it.

09:46 AM | 2022-05-18

There is a malaria vaccine now. 🎉🎉🎉

07:34 AM | 2022-05-18

Below are some of my favorite bits from "Property & Community Ownership: THE REAL PRICE OF PROPERTY" by Alastair McIntosh at , which I found by asking the Marginalia search engine about the ethics of house ownership. Imagine there's a [...] between many of these paragraphs:

The interesting thing is that very few indigenous crofters availed themselves of the ’76 legislation once it was passed. One explanation is that losing tenancy status as crofters meant a loss of access to crofting grants. But I think there was another much more interesting factor at play.

In crofting communities one of the ways that the psychological dominance of landlordism has been mitigated has been through the cultural elevation of tenancy status towards having a spiritual meaning. The landlord’s claim of absolute proprietorship is seen as being idolatrous. God, after all, insists in Leviticus 25 that we can never own the land in perpetuity because we are only sojourners on the Earth who borrow it.

So, to attempt to privatise land under the 1976 Act – into a system of individual croft ownership - was seen by many as removing land from the crofting community. A better way to address the problem of landlordism would be to facilitate community land ownership. This is something that has now been legislated for under the more recent Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

The 2003 Act has three main provisions. First, it allows communities in designated crofting areas to buy out their land at government valuation at any time, irrespective of whether the private landowner wishes to sell or not. Second, it allows rights of pre-emptive purchase in non-crofting areas if, but only if, the land is being placed on the market and a majority of the surrounding community have registered their interest in a community buyout. And third, it enshrines in statute the long-held view that in Scotland there exists a responsible right to roam over any land.

These families, who had formed the backbone of the village life in the past, who were the depositaries of the village traditions, had to seek refuge in the large centres; the process humorously designated by statisticians as ‘the tendency for the rural population towards the large towns,’ being really the tendency of water to flow uphill when forced by machinery. [1]

There is nothing new about this from a Biblical perspective. In the gospels we’re always being told about place and place names. The Holy Land becomes a literal spiritual cartography – a place of places replete with layers of meaning. Painted by story, sense of place develops as a set of complexes in the collective psyche, each pregnant with archetypal significance. Truly, we are creatures not just of time, but also of space – both history and geography. Place matters because it carries meaning mapped out onto the landscape. Like Einstein saw, but in ways far beyond what his mathematics alone could tell, we humans are creatures of a space-time continuum. Like beasts with a sense of where they belong out on the hill, we have the capacity to become “hefted” to place. Our co-ordinates in space and time are benchmarks of identity. And having an identity is central to becoming fully human.

We live in a world where settled, traditional people are becoming a minority and perhaps the majority have been uprooted and wander to and fro upon the face of the Earth. The model of hospitality perhaps leading on to fostership suggests how these two ways of being might be reconciled. The “insider” to a community carries tradition and, often, an implicit understanding of “how things are done” in a particular place. The “outsider”, on the other hand, can bring wider experience and the sometimes-useful gift of new ways. Reconciling these will never be easy, but it is of vital importance.

How can this be done? Well, in Quakerism we try to approach difficult issues by seeking to lay aside our own ego concerns and discern the deeper movement of the Spirit of God. Similarly, I think it is true that in communities of place, there is such a thing as the Spirit of Place – divine wisdom that can be discerned through learning to listen to the place itself. The acerbic Edmund Spenser put it rather well when he went to Ireland to advise Elizabeth I on how best to colonise that country. A formidable obstacle, as he saw it, was the tendency of earlier generations of English settlers to go native and become more Irish than the Irish themselves! "Lord," he proclaimed, "how quickly doth that country alter one’s nature". I think that we might surmise that a person belongs inasmuch as they are willing to cherish, and be cherished, by a place and its peoples. This implies a duty on the incomer to listen and learn, and so to set their seeds without trampling on what is already growing there. And a duty that the indigenous community recognises that whilst a tree must have roots, it must also remain open in the branches.

It's nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling uncomfortable with the land ownership system. And as someone who has moved around pretty much every few years for most of her life, it's a relief to hear that at least one person in a Scottish context somewhere sees things as described in those last couple paragraphs.

22:28 PM | 2022-03-16

Hello world I found a tweet. This is a tweet, it came from Twitter:

08:05 AM | 2022-03-15

Everybody I talk to thinks they're careful about covid. What that means to them varies extremely widely.

22:45 PM | 2022-03-14

saving this for later, a search engine that finds non-clickbait results

11:42 AM | 2022-03-14

This is pretty cool. Free and at-cost domain registrations. Not sure what their profit model is because they are unashamedly a for-profit business with VC funding.

Free domains, I think the idea is that they're probably mostly for people from these places:

.tk - Tokelau

.ml - Mali

.ga - Gabon

.cf - Central African Republic

.gq - Equatorial Guinea

14:50 PM | 2022-03-10

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in people over 60, other people with low stomach acid, vegans, AND vegetarians. Probably some other people, I don't know. This is not just an issue for vegans. If you have had a B12 test and your score is low but supposedly ok, you may STILL already be having symptoms of deficiency.

If you are in one of these categories, make sure you are getting enough vitamin B12. Your body may not process everything it receives, that's why you see high doses. A high dose B12 supplement (like 1,000 mcg) once or twice a week. Or a lower dose but daily. Read up on it. (Or liver or ocean meat if you're a meat-eating person.)

YOU CAN DO permanent damage to yourself by not getting enough B12 over the long term. It may take a few years if you have some B12 stored up. I don't know how that works, because B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, and I thought only fat-soluble vitamins stayed in your system, but there you have it. I've got more to learn.

17:56 PM | 2022-03-08

So I clicked on a citation in a Wikipedia page about Galicia, which is where my mom's mom's mom's family is from. And LOOK WHAT I FOUND IT IS FOOOD I FOUND FOOooood

Google translate:

Original URL is

there's the mushroom sandwich with such pretty mushrooms! or original URL at

And there's the potatoes with butter and cheese, which is what I make too, except with less dumpling and more just throwing it all in a bowl and enjoying. Except I call it bachelor food because that's what I called it when I was like 20 and I never stopped making it. WARNING it knocks me out for like a solid hour. I recommend you eat this with a significant portion of fiber (a big pile of sauerkraut goes really well with this) if you weren't planning on taking a nap: or original URL at

13:12 PM | 2022-02-19

wordle part 2








08:55 AM | 2022-02-10

There's a name for it! I like singing along with non-lexical vocables.

P.S. Scat is not the word I was looking for. It's close, and I like it, but it's improvised.

21:59 PM | 2022-02-08







BROKEN (FOR ME as of whenever I first made this list)

20:01 PM | 2022-01-30

If I'm ever desperately hungry, I can open up my pincushion and eat the quinoa out of it.

21:05 PM | 2022-01-28

just used and liked as a basic photo editor instead of waiting for gnu image manipulator program to load

10:51 AM | 2022-01-28

"231. A bicycle is a device upon which a person may ride, propelled exclusively by human power, except as provided in Section 312.5, through a belt, chain, or gears, and having one or more wheels. A person riding a bicycle is subject to the provisions of this code specified in Sections 21200 and 21200.5. An electric bicycle is a bicycle."

Conclusion: According to the State of California, my tricycle is a bicycle, our 5-wheeled e-tandem is a bicycle, a lever wheelchair is a bicycle, but a penny farthing is not a bicycle.


11:21 AM | 2022-01-27

Partner got rid of beard after 10+ years of beard. So that n95 masks seal better, per @ .

It's like I traded my partner in for a sound-alike that doesn't look alike. Except when he smiles. Then I recognize him.

10:43 AM | 2022-01-15

P.S. Been reading everywhere lately that covid is not the common cold. It's a deadly virus. Right, got it. I get that it's not the common cold. It's just in the same family. A manatee is not a hyrax even though they're in the same family. (Btw check that family out. It's pretty cool. Elephants, manatees & dugongs, and a small, marmot-looking creature called a hyrax.) Here is a young hyrax, it's cute:

Definitely not a manatee.

19:31 PM | 2021-12-27

It only took two years to develop a cure for the common cold ( ).

What other impossible things can we do if we all work together?

01:22 AM | 2021-12-26

What emotions feel like in the body. I just learned SO MUCH.

09:55 AM | 2021-12-25

Haven't seen this emotions flower before!

12:44 PM | 2021-12-16

the first half of this article is pretty basic. the second half is, well, how to google your own website.

21:01 PM | 2021-12-15

I live in a society that valorizes efficiency. I do not always value doing the most efficient thing.

17:38 PM | 2021-12-15

where to camp when bike touring abroad

13:30 PM | 2021-12-12

Business idea: Blacksmith specializing in converting guns to art, like a gun with a knot in it. Or to useful things, like garden tools. Ideally find a way to make this trendy with the extremely pro-gun crowd.

13:36 PM | 2021-12-06

The framing is sooo backwards, but the video of these kids makes me very happy

08:55 AM | 2021-12-06

When I was a kid, I remember being told that Alaska was like a third the size of the rest of the USA. This is another MERCATOR FALSEHOOD. Alaska is the size of like 19% of the rest of the USA's land area.

Why I checked:

How I checked: AK land area/(USA land area - AK land area)

16:38 PM | 2021-12-05

So here's the thing. The federal court ruling that says you can't do homeless camp sweeps unless you offer shelter? It's not enough.

I've worked and volunteered at shelters. There are legitimate reasons to not want to live in a shelter, especially during a pandemic. Conflicting mental health issues: one person needs silence, the other needs to make noise. One person is a light sleeper, someone else crammed into the room is a heavy snorer. Can't bring your pet. Be in by 6pm or lose your bed. Be out by 7:30am and bring all your stuff with you. Try putting a typical shelter scenario through Etc.

But it does mean that now cities can say "whaaat we offered shelllter it's fiiiine you can't sleep here" and it is not fine and it is not enough.

09:50 AM | 2021-11-22

I found an art project. Get some mineral rights and stand in the way of fracking.

22:52 PM | 2021-11-04

There are entire states with state parks with "no turn away" policies for bike camping. This is an excellent start.

19:32 PM | 2021-11-04

11:22 AM | 2021-10-29

They're not oil spills. "Spill" implies it was an accident. If you go drilling for oil, you KNOW you might unleash an oil geyser. It's not an accident. Stop drilling for oil.

17:49 PM | 2021-10-21

Short version: avoid lasik. Long version here:

22:40 PM | 2021-10-20

According to Wikipedia, some names for the ground cherry include (but are not limited to) Inca berry, Cape gooseberry, husk cherries, poha berries, and golden berries.

You can forget all those. There is an obvious name here. It's a cherry tomatillo. Like a cherry tomato, but a cherry tomatillo.

13:09 PM | 2021-10-19

After watching Richard Whitehead's unique running style, I got curious about whether paralympic amputees run faster than people in the Olympics. The answer is: sometimes. I also found this interesting article about whether or not prosthetic limbs are an unfair technological advantage (something I usually only think about when discussing the ancient ban on recumbent bicycles in bike racing).

20:07 PM | 2021-10-18

Daylight savings isn't about being able to grow corn, beans, and squash. People were doing that just fine lonnnng before daylight saving time. Daylight Savings Time is about things like candy corn, candy pumpkins, and jelly beans. Here's my citation:

Maybe Big Permaculture and Adbusters should team up and oust the daylight saving time! If the golf ball biz suffers too much, we can convert those fields into food forests.

21:22 PM | 2021-10-14

My memories revolve around food. When my dad asked (repeatedly) what I wanted to inherit from my grandma and grandpa, my answer was always the candy dish.

13:44 PM | 2021-10-13

Another term for simple English is plain language. Here's a brief introduction to plain language. Here's the US federal guide to plain language. It's long, but it's mostly common sense. I recommend skimming the table of contents for the bits that aren't obvious. ISO is still working on a standard ( ).

PS This is not plain language (because you're allowed to use necessary technical terms): If you like it, here's the xckd simple writer:

15:45 PM | 2021-10-12

For when I need a wear your mask sign

18:09 PM | 2021-10-11

It is literally impossible to cross the USA by bike without passing through states where the death penalty is still legal.

15:43 PM | 2021-10-09

The husks of walnuts without walnut husk fly peel off really easily! Just throw them at the ground and the walnut-in-shell pops right out of its husk!

22:59 PM | 2021-10-06
Cities are intentional communities. 
22:59 PM | 2021-10-06

I wonder how many reusable bread bag ties are in the great pacific garbage patch.

08:34 AM | 2021-10-03

What's more environmentally damaging? Evacuating everyone and letting their houses burn? Or suppressing the big fires? What's more socially damaging? On what scales? Using what metrics?

I'm not making points, these are actual questions

08:00 AM | 2021-10-02

A Database of Foods, Drugs, Dyes and Fibers of Native American Peoples, Derived from Plants -

Food forest database -

07:58 AM | 2021-10-02

Does listening to talk radio affect paying attention to the road while driving? If motor vehicles went away, would radio still be mainstream?

20:41 PM | 2021-09-30

I am sold on pigeon peas:

09:54 AM | 2021-09-30

I did the math, and a 1.5 cups of lentils or other beans and 2 cups of collards or other bitter greens gets you most of the vitamins and minerals you need in a day. Beans and greens every day for the rest of my life.

Plus 1-2 tablespoons of flax seeds for omega 3s and some sauerkraut for the rotten goodness of it.

Any extra stomach space can be filled with whatever it wants.

Some exceptions apply.

No refined sugar. Refined sugar is, in my book, anything with the fiber processed out. Doesn't matter whether a bee did it or a factory. Is it sweet? Where's its fiber? Examples of refined sugar include, but are not limited to: white sugar, brown sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, golden syrup, corn syrup, honey, alcohol, and lots more besides. If you must eat sugar, eat it with something very fibrous. Like if you really must eat a donut, eat some kale to match. No caffeine.

Beans, greens, flax and sauerkraut leaves off b12, d, iodine, and maybe something else, I forget what. Obviously we need salt but salt is evvvverywhere, should be no trouble getting more than enough salt. Eat the greens and/or sauerkraut and/or a tomato or lemon or something with the beans because you need vitamin C to make the iron useable by your body. b12 is in animal products, multivitamins, and nutritional yeast (which is basically a supplement marketed as food, as far as I can tell). D comes from the sun if you're lucky, from a pill if you're in the wrong time and/or place for adequate sun. Iodine comes from sea greens, but those also absorb all sorts of unpleasant stuff, so I guess I'm sticking to iodized salt (thanks, people mentioned here: ).

14:56 PM | 2021-09-29

An old person saw me kneeling on concrete and told me I should use a knee pad because I'd need my knees for a very long time. I had better learn to squat correctly. (Squatting is also excellent for using the toilet.)

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